Deconstructing Sustainable Product & Package Design

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Gorgeous packaging can be so alluring and tell us so much about a brand. Some packaging is so elegant that it makes it hard to understand how to recylce it when we are done with the product. So, what is sustainable package design? How can you be more consumer savvy in your purchases and if you are a designer, how can you design more sustainably? Well, there are about 3 ways to break it down when looking at a package;

  1. Materials,

  2. Business Practices, and

  3. Energy Sources

It takes a moment to dig a little, but with these three in mind, you can be can become empowered as a consumer. And if you are a designer, or an entrepreneur looking to develop great eco-friendly packaging, you can construct a situation with materials and capabilities that will match you and your client to the ideal group of sustainable vendors.

When working with sourcing as well as clients and marketing teams, you need explore what your design is going to be made of, and consider costs. Once you can identify a package form that can work for the end design goal, quotes can start and you can find out more about capabilities whether your design is for a perfume bottle, candle, food product or new innovative product.

1. Materials to Consider;

  1. Glass

  2. Plastics

  3. Board and Papers

  4. Closures that are wood, cork, rubber or silicon

  5. Foils and finishes

2. Business Practices, Questions to Ask

How much does the vendor recycle in house?

Who are there partners in recycling materials?

What symbols do they have on past projects? Rainforest Alliance? FSC?

What inks or finishes, foils, adhesives on labels are used?

3. Energy Sources

Wind or Solar energy available for production at any point?

For more information on my list of sustainable vendors and free ebook. Stay tuned in late Nov. 2019.

Keep asking and keep making great sustainable products!

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